Monday, July 05, 2010

Choice, Children, and Happiness

"A few generations ago, people weren’t stopping to contemplate whether having a child would make them happy."

A confused mother, who is infected with a utilitarian mind-set, struggles to understand.

By freezing embryos, couples try to utilize fertility while delaying parenthood

Another confused women wandering in the moral abyss. But as disheartening as is her brave new world, the comments condemning it are quite encouraging.

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Ghost Blogger said...

Children are a gift, and whether they are from God (for those who believe that) or just from each other is irrelevant. Why on earth if you love someone would you not want to make babies with them? The drive is so strong that I think those who deny it must be seriously mental.

Anyone who looks at children as a commodity that will either make them happy or miserable should not bother being a parent. While they are a great blessing, the greatest, in fact, they will also drive you insane while they are growing up. If one is not up to the task of civilizing another being, don't have kids. If you can't stand to see your things broken, your tools scattered, your books scribbled in, your walls written on with marker, your pictures cut with a scissor, and gum on the floor, then parenthood is not for you.

But what you give up in return is your baby's first smile, which is just for you. Having your baby look at you and watching their whole body smile when they see you is probably as close as any of us on earth will come to know what it must be like for God to love us. And you even wonder how God could possibly love that baby more than you do - it's incredible.

If you can't stand the mess, then you don't get the sticky kisses. You don't get the dandelions to put in the jar. You don't get a Praying Mantis nest hatching in the kid's closet in the middle of winter.

There can be no good times without bad, no happiness without sorrow, no peace without some angst. People who think they can have only the 'good' in life without any of the stress are denying themselves something wonderful in the form of a family, and, delusional. And I do think that people will be happy or not as their personalities dictate - if they are happy without children, they would be happy with them. If they are not happy with children, they will not be happy without them.

That's all I have to say.