Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Where's the Love?

29. How well do you have to know someone before you can sincerely say “I love you”? Is “love at first sight” possible?
30. Is there only “one, true love” for us, a soul mate, a Mr. or Miss Right? Should we have to “settle” for anything less than the best?
31. Is it possible to love an unsavory person? an ugly person? a boring person?
32. Is perfect love between two persons possible? Do two persons have the power and ability in themselves to create this perfect love, or is some outside assistance needed?
33. What is the cause of the loss of love? Is the cause of the loss of love something external to us; is it something beyond our control?
34. Do we stop loving the other person because of some attribute of that person? Do we stop loving them because they no longer “make us happy”?
35. Can we “make” the other person love us? If the other person does not love us or stops loving us, is that because there is something wrong with us? Will they love us again if only we change?
36. Is love possible in an arranged marriage? If so, how?
37. Is love possible in other involuntary relationships, such as parent-child and brother-sister? If so, how?
38. Can you love someone even though you do not like them? Can love co-exist with hate? with anger?
39. Does love mean “never having to say that you are sorry”?

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