Monday, February 12, 2007

St. Valentine's Day Meme

It looks as if I, Bender, have been tagged by Julie, our Happy Catholic --

What are your favorite top ten romantic movies?

Being that I'm a guy, and romantic movies are, by definition, chick-flicks, I don't have a bunch that come to mind, but I'll try (not in any particular order) --

-- Cinema Paradiso (not a romantic movie, but most definitely a love story)
-- Casablanca
-- Roman Holiday
-- Immortal Beloved
-- Fiddler on the Roof
-- Silas Marner (I saw it with Ben Kingsley once, but haven't found it on DVD)
-- All My Circuits, the Movie
-- It Came From Planet Earth (ooh, in 3-D)
-- Coilette: The Calculon Story

OK, I give up. Couldn't think of anything else. Even after going to to look at their list of 300 romance genre movies, and nothing jumped out at me.

What are your top five favorite romantic books (fiction or non-fiction) ?

Oh, it just gets better and better, doesn't it?

Look, I'm romantic OK? I'm very romantic. But I'm a guy! I don't much go in for romantic movies or books.

If money were no object, where (on earth) would you like to spend your Valentine's Day and how would you spend it? In other words, what is your idea of a perfect Valentine's Day date?

As long as I am with my sweetheart and honey, it really doesn't matter where, but she would probably like Florence.


Julie D. said...

Hey, you'd like Captain from Castile ... sword fighting, Aztec fighting, evil and corrupt Inquisition fighting ... just with a bit of romance interwoven throughout ... in a manly way, of course! :-D

I wondered if there were a hidden romantic in that shiny metal a**...guess not so much! :-D

The Anchoress said...

Cinema Paradiso is a lovely story. Which reminds me that I also love Eat, Drink, Man, Woman.