Monday, May 28, 2012

The New Platform

Everything appears to have transferred OK, except for the links sidebar. A few of those were old and out-dated anyway. Unfortunately, to restore the ones I want to keep (and add some newer ones), I need to add them one at a time. So, I'll do a few here and a few there. Not a priority though.

(Added -- Another thing I want to do is go through and add labels to some posts that I couldn't fully do before because of the page issue.)

Meanwhile, I've been looking at the statistics page that indicates the number of visits to the site overall, as well as visits to individual posts. Interestingly, the individual post that has been viewed the most, and one that shows up frequently on the weekly numbers, is this one -- Lost: What Really Happened? As for showing up on the weekly numbers a couple of years after the show ended, my guess is that it is still having its first run in some international markets and people are wondering, "just what was that all about??"

Speaking about Lost, it was nice to see Claire and Charles Widmore make appearances on Once Upon a Time, another show co-written by Horwitz, Kitsis, et al., and it was also cool to see Charlotte and everyone's favorite, Desmond, on Fringe, by Abrams, Burk, et al. Meanwhile, taking a peak at IMDB, I noticed that the Evil Queen (Regina) was in a couple of episodes of Lost, when Charlie goes down to the underwater station.

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