Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thank You Lord for Our New Priests!

Deacons (soon-to-be Fathers) Edward J. Bresnahan, Jason Weber, and Michael J.R. Kelly stand before Bishop Paul S. Loverde

Three new priests ordained
by Gretchen R. Crowe
Arlington Catholic Herald
June 12, 2010

The Arlington Diocese welcomed three new priests to its ranks Saturday as morning slipped into afternoon at the Cathedral of St. Thomas More in Arlington.

Fathers Ed Bresnahan, Mick Kelly and Jason Weber entered the two-and-a-half hour Ordination Mass as deacons and left newly ordained priests.

The cathedral was filled as friends and family witnessed Arlington Bishop Paul S. Loverde celebrate the rite. Family members snapped photos and wiped away tears as their sons, grandsons, brothers and nephews firmly announced themselves "present," then received a laying on of hands by fellow clergy and the prayer of consecration from Bishop Loverde.

Following their investiture with stoles and chasubles and the anointing of the mens' hands with holy Chrism, the new priests found a moment to breathe as they cleaned up behind the altar.

All smiles, they hugged and congratulated each other. How did Fathers Bresnahan, Kelly and Weber feel? "Different." "In shock." "Ecstatic."

Those sentiments continued throughout the rest of the Mass and into the reception where they were congratulated by everyone present on their new roles of priestly shepherds for the Church.

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