Sunday, February 14, 2010

Now That's Romance!

For all you young lovers out there, this classic romantic scene from Futurama (wherein, after Bender is forced to become a fembot named "Coilette," from the Grand Duchy of Robonia, so he can pass gender testing after he fraudulently wins five gold medals in women's events in the 3004 Olympics, the great acting unit Calculon falls in love with him, er, her, and Coilette, filled with femzoil, starts to fall for Calculon) --

Truly, a love that is every girl's dream --

[Scene: Hot Air Balloon. Calculon and Coilette fly over the countryside.]
Calculon: I have something for you.
[He hands her a remote control.]
Coilette: A remote control? You got me a TV?
Calculon: No, my dearest, it's the remote control to my heart. It symbolizes the power you have to sway my emotions.
Coilette: Will it work on my TV?
Calculon: We don't need TVs, we have each other! Coilette, if I weren't able to spend my life with you I would leap from this very balloon.
Coilette: Come on with that. . . . Really?
Calculon: Yes! We were meant . . . to be.
Coilette: So . . . you really and truly love me?
Calculon: So much so that I'm prepared to give up show business itself to be with you.
[Coilette gasps.]
Coilette: But, you always said you'd rather burn down a convent than give up show business.
Calculon: I always said many things. But now all I want is a peaceful life and a quiet villa overlooking a vineyard . . . with you.
[Coilette starts to cry.]
Coilette: Would we have donkeys?
Calculon: All you could eat!

-- "Bend Her," Futurama, Season 5, watch here

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