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When Life Begins, and Converting the Blind Pro-Choicer and Pro-Abortionist

A person is neither forthright nor honest (if only with himself) when he states “we don’t know when life begins” and that “the only people who can say with absolute certainty and total conviction when life begins do so as a matter of faith or belief, not as the inevitable result of a logical process.”

Such statements are patently false. As a purely scientific matter, we know what “life” is. It has a specific scientific definition. And we know what a human is. Again, it has a scientific definition. And we know what an individual being is. Yet again, by scientific definition.

It is amazing that, in this scientific age, where we have all sorts of answers for all sorts of scientific/biological questions, some continue to insist that science cannot answer the question of the beginning of life. The fact is, science can answer it, science has answered it, and it is only because some do not want to hear the answer that they insist that this is some unknowable and unanswerable question. Were it not for the politics, which have become a quasi-religious belief on the part of pro-abortionists, then it would be acknowledged by all that, as a matter of scientific fact, the life of an individual human being begins at conception, that is, when a living human sperm unites with a living human ovum. Now, “life” per se does not begin at conception —- rather, science tells us that it began millions of years ago and is a continuum, but an individual life does begin at conception, not at some unknown and unknowable and magical point later on.

It is not a matter of opinion, it is not a matter of wishful thinking, it is not a matter of faith that the entity existing at the time a human sperm penetrates a human ovum is itself (a) human, that is, genetically a member of the species homo sapiens, (b) animate and living, with continued growth, and (c) distinct from either the woman who contributed the ovum or from the man who contributed the sperm cell. In short, a human being, however nascent. This is true whether that human being is floating along the fallopian tube or hitching him- or herself onto the uterine wall or sitting in an IVF petri dish or frozen in liquid nitrogen or about to be harvested by stem-cell ghouls. The abortion industry and lobby knows this. The abortion lawyers know this. The "emergency contraception" pushers know this. The embryonic stem cell scammers know this. The United States Supreme Court knows this. The abortionist sucking that human life into a jar or jamming a pair of scissors into his or her skull before ripping him or her from the womb knows this. It is simple, basic scientific fact.

A human being does not begin as something other than human, and only later convert or change into a human state. It is and always has been human. Life does not begin magically during the prenatal period. Indeed, it does not even begin at conception. "Life," as life, is, as stated above, a continuum which began millions of years ago. Yet so many abortion advocates argue with a straight face that we don't know and can never know "when life begins" or that an entity is not fully "human" if it is not "viable" (however they decide to define "viability" today or next week or next year). They would apparently have you believe in the spontaneous generation of life, that matter goes from inanimate to animate in some unknowable, mysterious fashion. Absurd? Of course. It is also the law of the land under Roe v. Wade and Planned Parenthood of S.E. Pa. v. Casey.

As a matter of scientific fact, the last case of spontaneous generation of life from inanimate matter happened millions of years ago. Since then, life has been a continuum. “Life” does not spontaneously begin ex nihilo. It is only because the entity within the womb is alive at the moment of sperm-ovum union that it begins the process of cellular division and reproduction and taking in nourishment and giving off waste and developing more recognizable organs and features, growing and growing and growing for the next 70-80 years.

Now that, is fact. Scientific fact. And it is neither forthright nor honest (nor helpful to the cause) to suggest otherwise.

* * *

But it is also true that the pro-life movement has been stuck in this same (non)argument for the last 37 years. The movement, or at least the same ineffective pro-life “leaders” who have brought little more than loss after loss after loss after loss, has been trying the same tactic for the same 37 years to the same effect, not realizing that the scientific argument was won early on.

That is, we keep thinking that if only we can come up with the perfect argument, if only we can come up with the perfect physical evidence, then the other side will be compelled by logic and reason to admit that the entity in the womb is an individual living human person. We keep chasing after this delusion that the fight is all about the humanity of the unborn.

Well guess what??? The truth is that THEY ALREADY KNOW that the entity in the womb is an individual living human person. Most people know that “a baby is alive at conception,” and that abortion involves the killing of a human person. They already know that because the scientific proof is and always has been overwhelming and conclusive. The other side already knows that, even if they publicly refuse to admit it, and continue to purposely engage in falsehoods about it. (Come on, they are the type of people who kill babies —- do you really think, then, that they are going debate and fight this issue honestly, and with logic and reason???)

The question of the humanity and personhood of the unborn was settled scientifically and in the minds of everyone concerned long ago, even if we foolishly continue to fight that battle. The fact is, they already know. The problem is not that they don’t know about the living humanity of the unborn, the problem is that, even though they know, THEY DON’T CARE that abortion and IVF and embryonic research involving killing. At least, they don’t care enough to give it priority over their narcissistic wants and desires.

And even if they did care, we now have the blood of 50 million dead on our hands in this country alone and millions more world-wide. For them to openly admit what they already know deep down would be for them to implicitly admit that they are sadistic monsters, on the scale of a Stalin or Hitler, indeed, far exceeding both of them combined. And that implicit admission is too much for them to take because there is nothing, absolutely nothing, on this earth that can wash away that blood from their hands.

* * *

Now, it is at this point (and only at this point from a strategic point of view) in the pro-life struggle that the Church and the Faith come into play. Until this point, the issue is one entirely grounded in scientific fact and reason. Religion only clouds the issue until this point.

But there are limits to science, and science has reached that limit when it comes to the guilt for the blood of 50 million dead. To a large extent, the other side does not and will not admit to the humanity of the unborn because to do so would be to implicitly admit that they are complicit in the murder of so many innocents. That is too horrible a prospect for them to consider, so they continue to go down the Denial River, because there truly is nothing, absolutely nothing, on this earth that can wash away that blood on their hands.

But there is something, or rather Someone, not of this earth, who can wash away that blood. So, this is where the Church comes in, and only at this point. Instead of the delusional and ineffective tactic of arguing the human personhood of the unborn, which was proved long ago, the Church needs to return to Her mission of offering reconciliation with God, of preaching the possibility of redemption for even sins that are so great as the murder of 50 million innocents, which makes Herod the Great pale in comparison. Only in this way, can the blood be washed off the hands of all those complicit in their deaths. And that possibility of redemption, in turn, leads to the greater likelihood of them openly admitting the human personhood of the unborn.

* * *

In addition to the above facts, there is another indisputable fact -- this war will not be won by pro-lifers. Again, the war against the Culture of Death will not be won by pro-lifers. It cannot be, there are not enough of us.

Oh, it will be won -- eventually -- for the pro-life side, we will see a Culture of Life, but that victory will not be brought about by pro-lifers. Or, rather, it will not be brought about by today's pro-lifers. Instead, it will be won by today's pro-choicers and pro-abortionists . . . for the pro-life cause. It will be won by today's pro-choicers and pro-abortionists becoming tomorrow's pro-lifers. It will be won by them demanding the end of abortion, and other instrumentalities of death, in outrage that they were lied to for so long.

This is the only way the war can be won. There are not enough of today's pro-lifers to do the job. At most, we could win some judicial or legislative battles and force pro-life laws down the throats of everyone else. But that victory would last only until the next election cycle. No, we can achieve permanant victory only by converting the hearts of the enemy. We -- pro-lifers -- cannot win this war, only today's pro-choicers and pro-abortionists can win it, but win it for the pro-life cause.

But they will not be converted, their hearts will not be softened, their intellects will not be enlighted, they will not become tomorrow's pro-lifers so long as they believe that there is no possibility of redemption for the blood on their own hands. One day, they will rise up in anger and outrage at the lies that they were told and they will defeat that lie, but they know now that they have willingly bought into that lie, that they have advanced it. They know in their hearts, as explained above, that it is a lie. They know that they are complicit.

But if they can be redeemed, if their being sadistic monsters can be forgiven, then they can risk being honest to themselves, they can admit to themselves and others, "yes, the entity in the womb is a living human being." Their hearts will have been softened, their lives and perspectives will have been turned around, i.e. converted. And that will be the beginning of the end of the Culture of Death.

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