Monday, October 13, 2008

Prayer for Life - 40 Days for Life

O God, creator and lover of the human family, You remained with St. Gianna Beretta Molla when she painfully had to choose between her life and the life of the child she was expecting, a long-awaited gift. Trusting You alone and aware of your commandment to respect human life, St. Gianna found the courage to do her duty as a mother and to say “yes” to her baby’s life, thus generously giving her own.

Through the intercession of Mary, Mother of Jesus, and after the example of St. Gianna, inspire all mothers to welcome with love the seeds of a new life. Help us all to have great respect for human life. Grant us the grace we seek and the joy to find an inspiration in St. Gianna who, as a model spouse and mother, after the example of Christ, gave up her life for the life of others. Amen.


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