Friday, March 09, 2007

Drusilla Explains It All

I think many in their teens to 40s would say they can imagine a love that would last a lifetime but that love consists of strong, pleasant feelings and lovely the images of spouses who behave towards us as we think they should. Our "liberated" society has failed to teach what love actually is: an act of the will, a choice, a commitment, sacrifice, choosing to make another's good at least co-equal to ones own, making each other holy, generating life by having children and building up the community. Love is foreign to us; most of us are not prepared to live the reality of marriage.

Throughout our lifetimes, in so many ways, we've been taught to focus on ourselves and our immediate gratification, taught that truth does not exist because everything is relative, taught that there is nothing solid nor reliable nor irreplaceable; we have not learned to value ourselves or each other. Few of us have experienced lasting family ties or community. So, by and large, we are cynics, without hope - even Christians buy into the "minimum amount of money" arguments that earlier generations never imagined. We were "liberated" so we could do anything we want and the result of that "liberation" is a generation of cynics who now need to be freed so we can love and accept love and become holy."
-- Drusilla, Heirs in Hope

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