Monday, February 12, 2007

What is Love???

What is love? Oh, let me count the possibilities --

8. Is love –
-- a thought?
-- an emotion or feeling?
-- an attitude?
-- a psychological condition? a left-over remnant from infancy, when mommy and daddy protected you and provided for you?
-- an obsession? a form of insanity?
-- an electro-chemical reaction in the brain? raging hormones?
-- some other purely physical or biological condition?
-- instinct or a genetic condition?
-- a result of socialization?
-- fate or destiny?
-- a myth, a construct or abstraction that was invented to facilitate sex and the formation of associations to provide security for one another?
-- a myth, a lie that we can use to get what we want from the other?
-- a liking of the other?
-- an affection or sentiment for the other person?
-- an attraction to the other? physical attraction? intellectual attraction?
-- a want or desire to possess or consume the other?
-- a want or desire for companionship, to be with or in the presence of the other?
-- a want or desire for physical, spiritual, and/or sexual closeness and intimacy with the other?
-- a bond between persons? a unification of persons?
-- a want or desire to integrate, interpenetrate, and become one with the other?
-- a want or desire to utilize the other to make us happy?
-- a passion or craving or hunger or longing for the other?
-- an enjoyment of the other?
-- romance and dreaminess?
-- a feeling of pleasure or ecstasy or thrill?
-- something that is profound and intense?
-- something that leaves you breathless and weak in the knees
-- a feeling of security or contentment?
-- something that makes you happy or satisfied?
-- something that leaves you warm and fuzzy?
-- something that leaves you miserable and depressed?
-- an act of reason? a rational decision? a conscious choice or act of the will?
-- a concern or care for the other, without regard to what they can or cannot provide us?
-- a desire or will for the good of the other? for the happiness of the other?
-- a gift of self? a commitment to the other? a sacrifice for the other?
-- a subordination of self for the good and sake of the other?
-- a gift to the other without regard to whether the other deserves it or not?
-- a compassion and respect for the other as he or she really is, flaws and all?
-- an affirmation of the value of the other as a person?
-- something that we take from the other?
-- a duty or obligation?
-- a right that we may properly demand from the other?
-- an inter-personal, two-way, reciprocal relationship?
-- something that is given or experienced whether or not it is given to us in return?
-- eros, philia, agape, and/or amore?

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